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With our software we offer the complete solution for asset management. From booking receipts to real time tracking of all kinds of things with different techniques such as RFID and IoT. With the software application you always know where to find your assets. Bexter ensures efficiency, effectiveness and savings. Today and in the future.

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Our products


The software for load carrier management. It gives you insight into your Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) at any time. Real time overview of locations, numbers and movements. This way the logistic transactions are fully automated.

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An integral platform for tracking all medical instruments, stock items and equipment in hospitals. RFID tags ensure automatic registration, resulting in an up-to-date insight into stocks and locations. With this track & trace solution patient safety increases and costs and time is being saved.

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The registration software in the cloud for your returnable packaging items. Manage your assets 24/7. With our online load carrier software you gain insight into the availability, flows, activities and conditions of your pool. With this solution you'll be able to work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Let me introduce to you...our new support employee

Bexter is growing! Cynthia started at Bexter in early May. What will she do at Bexter? Read all about it and get to know our latest coworker.

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How we proactively optimize customer relationships

Our last addition to the team is Yves du Bois. As a CRR, he is the connecting factor between the customer and Bexter. What does a CRR do exactly? And what advantage does this have for our customers? Yves explains it in this article.

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The power of unusual teams: connect to succeed

One of our employees writes a Bexter blog every other week. A section with various topics, from what is going on with the customer and trends in the market to a look behind the scenes at Bexter. This week it is the turn of our trainee Pol. He tells about his experience at the Dutch Hacking Health Amsterdam.

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Predicting the future with (analyzed) data

One of our employees writes a Bexter blog every other week. A section with various topics, from what is going on with the customer and trends in the market to a look behind the scenes at Bexter. This week our intern Jim describes the awareness of underlying waste through the collection and analysis of data.

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Real-time insight into medical equipment

We recently implemented MediTracker at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) as part of a preliminary investigation in the Experience cCnter. MediTracker is an integral tracking system for medical instruments, stock items and equipment. But how do you take the first step as a hospital or healthcare institution? By executing and testing it.

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What our clients say

The power of POOL-IT is on the one hand the managing of assets. On the other hand the acquisition of legal enforceability when losses occur. These are very important parameters when dealing in asset management.

Jesse Sels

MediTracker has given us incredible insight in our porcesses what has enabled us to greatly improve our efficiency.

Company Director

TrackOnline works very fast and easy. An effective cask control without any hassle! We talked about functionalities that we missed and they immediately made work of it, they think along with you. This is the solution for our cask inspection, we are very satisfied.

Bram van Andel

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