Bexter's thinking of their environmental impact

In 2020, the Corona crisis caused us to start working from home more often, and this has helped us to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions within Bexter. This has contributed to the fact that we started thinking about 'making our fleet more sustainable' at a rapid pace. As of January 1, 2021, we have exchanged our fossil fuel cars for four electric cars, so that we can continue to reduce CO2 in the coming years.

Did you know that in fossil fuel cars about 30% of the heat is converted into movement, while the rest is lost? In an electric car, 70% of the energy from the battery is converted into movement. Thus, less energy is wasted .

In addition, the Bexter parking lots will be expanded with four charging stations. In this way we are not only offering our employees the possibility of electric charging, but also our customers can make use of it. No more wasting time in searching for the nearest

 charging point. But the motto: "Convenience serves the man"!


Bexter continues to increase sustainability.

We are also taking steps within the 'green transition'. Not only by adapting our fleet, but also in our daily activities we are more aware of the positive effects of digitization and we think about the climate. We print as little as possible and in the office we separate our waste.

Also with regard to our software we are familiar with making 'sustainable' steps; for the record Bexter offers the solution for registering reusable packaging sustainable with TrackOnline. By using TrackOnline the thinking and reuse of packaging begins with our clients. It offers the right support and ensures that customers can reuse their packaging. This does require a larger investment, as the purchase price of reusable packaging is higher than one-off packaging. Therefore, it is even more important to manage and have insight into these packaging flows. Ultimately it pays for itself and it is the solution to make logistics in the chain greener and more sustainable.