Bexterblog: Packaging management easily and quickly on your mobile

One of our employees writes a Bexter blog every other week. A section with various topics, from what is going on with the customer and trends in the market to a look behind the scenes at Bexter. This week it's Hugo's turn. He writes about his vision on mobile apps.

TrackOnline smartphone app

In today's digital world, being able to collaborate whenever and wherever is central. Getting the right information in the right place is a big challenge. At Bexter we ensure that our customers can follow this trend. This way, with the TrackOnline mobile app, you can view your packaging administration anytime, anywhere, which is very easy. But how do we ensure that you can see all of this easily and quickly on your phone? In this blog I will take you through the development process of our mobile app.

It always starts with researching what the customer needs. What do they want to register with our app? Where in the process will they use the app? When we have this picture complete, we can start designing and designing the app.

Limited space

It is important to handle the limited space properly. This is because on a mobile screen much less space is available than on a computer screen. That is why we have to ask ourselves for each field to be shown whether this is relevant for the user or not. An extra field soon means that other information is difficult to find. This is because you have to click extra or scroll. So it's all about showing the right information as quickly as possible.

A good example is the transaction overview. In the desktop version of TrackOnline you can see almost all information directly: transaction number, date, transporter, status, from and to location, it can all be found there. It may be clear that if you manage to cram this on a mobile screen, you as a user will never find a transaction again. You continue to scroll endlessly.

That is why we only write out the transaction number, from and to location per package transaction on the mobile transaction overview. The status of a transaction can be recognized by the color of the bar for the transaction, this takes up less space and is easier to understand than written text. In addition, the transactions are grouped by the date, so that you do not see the same date repeated every time. Very clear.

Signature for packaging

Over the past months, we have worked hard on our mobile app, so you can now put a signature within the TrackOnline app for the collection and delivery of packaging. With this, the transaction status is immediately changed to sent or delivered and everyone within your network is immediately aware of where the containers, barrels and carts have remained.

If you are interested in the possibilities of TrackOnline, request a free trial period and download our mobile app for iOS or Android.