How co-creation and our rethinking business logic approach leads to innovation in TrackOnline

Every other week one of our employees writes a Bexter blog. A section with a variety of topics, from what's going on among customers and trends in the market to a look behind the scenes at Bexter. This week it's Kevin's turn. He writes about co-creation and the concept of rethinking business logic and explains how Bexter applies this.


We live in a digital age where the rise of the sharing economy offers new ways to do business and interact with others through the exchange of goods, services and even knowledge. This new type of relationship is based on collaboration and trust and affects how organizations engage their customers in their processes of continuous innovation and improvement.


What is co-creation?

The term co-creation appears here as a growing method that applies to different parts of our organization as a collaborative exercise in which we work hand in hand with our customers. We use co-creation to create cooperative experiences and start a dialogue with groups of customers or potential customers. This allows us to better understand how our users experience the applications. In addition, in this way the customer is actively involved in the definition and value proposition of our organisation. By strengthening customer creativity, innovative ideas are created. Bexter does this by giving a customer a mock-up (an interactive example), so that the first step is taken and you can get rid of the abstract path. It often helps by working with an initial example, so that the imagination does not take the course of a project. Based on our customers' ideas we have already made several adjustments.


Rethinking business logic

Bexter sees co-creation as the new way of developing our products. By involving customers early in the concept development process, we can improve the success rate of our product development. We also call this process with our customers "rethinking business logic". What it means? Imagine you have nothing to take care of your packaging administration, how would you like to solve it? With this line of thinking, aimed at optimizing processes, we engage in a dialogue with current and new customers. In this way you free an organization from the "we have been doing this for years" line of thinking and start thinking about the future.


At Bexter, we believe this is one of the most important ways to guarantee continuous innovation and improvement. We are developing TrackOnline, our packaging registration platform in the cloud, together with customers as part of our rethinking business logic initiative. Our goal is to improve the overall customer experience and offer relevant and personalized products and services for any situation, anytime and anywhere.


Bexter and rethinking business logic

The thinking behind rethinking business logic from the creation of the new website to the concept development and design of the new apps for online packaging registration, was co-created by all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, carriers, traders and poolers). Furthermore, innovative interfaces and the operational processes have been designed by listening to customers and looking at the way things are being solved in existing software compared to the vision of the future.


Rethinking business with customers

At Bexter, we organize rethinking business sessions with customers to invent and develop new features and improve existing capabilities in our online packaging management application. In the most recent workshops, we have been working on improving the smartphone app. During this session, the experience of the end users is central. In addition, we worked with customers to build a model that makes it possible to automatically replenish. As a result, TrackOnline automatically generates suggestions in your overviews, which saves a lot of manual work.


We want and must continue to innovate in this 4th industrial revolution. Mainly because organizations are looking for faster and better solutions. Do you want to know how rethinking business logic and TrackOnline can get your organization ready for the future? Send an e-mail to We would love it if you could help us innovate!