Detours through TrackOnline

Every month one of our employees writes a Bexter blog. A section with various topics, from what's going on with the customer and trends in the market, to a look behind the scenes at Bexter. This week it is the turn of QA engineer Jung. Jung writes about her physical and digital detours in TrackOnline.

I am one of the employees of Bexter, in September 2019 I started working as a developer and recently I started working as a QA engineer. QA engineer deals with quality management, i.e. ensuring the quality and testing of an application or software.


I am mainly involved in end-to-end testing of TrackOnline. End-to-end testing attempts to automatically simulate a user walking through an application. Here you can think of logging in, navigating to a certain page in the application, creating and saving a document and then logging out. This is then one test that runs from the beginning (login) to the end (logout).


Some time ago, the mobile application Ommetje from the Hersenstichting was introduced within Bexter. Which encourages you to step out of your 'home office' for a walk every day. Since I started working as a QA engineer you could say that I now walk around physically as well as digitally during my day.


In the morning I start with a physical walk, with music in my ears and my mind at rest, just to wake up. Every step is taken for granted and the walk ends perfectly with a cup of coffee when I get home.


Then, when I start my work, I am 'walking' again, as it were, through the TrackOnline application. This way I check if, and if so where, there are obstacles that need to be adjusted. So that our TrackOnline users can start and finish their own digital detours without problems!