Corona news fatigue, moving on and looking forward at Bexter

Every other week one of our employees writes a Bexter blog. A section with a variety of topics, from what's going on with the client and trends in the market to a look behind the scenes at Bexter. This week it is the turn of our Marketeer Annoeska. She writes about corona fatigue and how we at Bexter are carrying on and looking ahead.


Now that we have been in the corona era for three months, many people are becoming tired of corona and specifically the news regarding corona. Also several companies that have to take into account a lot of rules become corona fatigue. For example, this weekend I was standing doubtfully at the entrance of a restaurant where I carefully read the sign with all the rules. The host walked up to us and told us to pick a place because he was tired of asking all the questions and he assumed that if you were sick you wouldn't go out for dinner. Corona fatigue also results in so-called news avoiders, people who specifically avoid news about corona. We now prefer to read positive news about new possibilities that can be found in times of the 'new normal'. Also at Bexter we prefer to look at the positive things, despite the fact that we cannot ignore the negative consequences of corona. That's why in these times where people are corona fatigue, I write a blog from a positive side and how Bexter have moved on and continues to look forward to better times.


Moving on at Bexter during corona

We didn't sit still at home at Bexter's.Of course, working from home has its advantages and the team has worked hard at home, in " silence " (not everyone could work in the same quietness), to improve and optimize our platform TrackOnline.  Recently two new functionalities have been added which you can read in the TrackOnline update of May 2020. However, there were also drawbacks to working from home and the social aspect is what I missed the most. I was looking forward to seeing colleagues back again and missed the nice chats at the office. So did other colleagues and that's why a number of employees at Bexter took care of a 'corona-proof' office. A one-way routing in the office has been introduced, with one-way traffic in the hallways. In addition, tape has been used to create areas on the ground where you can stand with a distance of 1.5 metres. In addition, we have moved desks to create more space. Nowadays we work with schedules and only if you want it is possible to come to the office.


Proud of our customers

We are also proud of our customers, many of whom have had some setbacks in the last few months. In the retail sector sales increased and logistical processes in the retail sector were put under considerable pressure. On the other hand, a number of other sectors, such as floriculture, saw a significant drop in turnover. However, our customers (and of course many other companies) did not sit back and worked hard. The corona period required flexibility and cooperation from all employees and customers, and that is what we have all done and continue to do, that is how you stand strong together.


Working more digitally

Personally, I noticed that corona has also taught us something, namely that we can work more digitally. In our social life we already did a lot digitally, but in hindsight this was still lagging behind at the office. At the beginning the video meetings were still uncomfortable but soon I got used to it. Working digitally has its advantages such as less traffic on the road resulting in less CO2 emissions. I therefore hope that digital collaboration will continue even after corona and that more companies will invest in digitalizing their business processes.


Of course I'm fully aware that corona also causes a lot of problems and, as many predict, the real recession in the Netherlands is yet to come after corona. But we'll get out of that one day and, as De Jong says in Het Parool, a crisis also offers opportunities for renewal and innovation and perhaps a more sustainable economy. We shouldn't lose the courage and carry on where we can, even though the end is not yet in sight. As the motto from the beginning of corona sounded, I therefore end with: Together we stand strong.