Give your contacts real-time insight into the mutual administration

Every other week one of our employees writes a Bexter blog. A section with a variety of topics, from what's going on with the client and trends in the market to a look behind the scenes at Bexter. This week it is the turn of our TrackOnline consultant Reinout. He writes about how current TrackOnline users are using TrackOnline CONNECT and what benefits they and their contacts are gaining. 


Sharing data is the key feature of TrackOnline CONNECT. This free functionality makes it possible to share transactions and documents with your business contacts in real-time. A big advantage of this is that your contacts are less dependent on your emails concerning the packaging administration. Think of the transactions that need to be processed or the waybill that needs to be mailed. At the moment a transaction reaches a certain status, for example 'processed', this is the trigger to share this transaction with your contacts. As a result, all transactions and important documents, such as the attached consignment note, can be found in their own TrackOnline CONNECT environment. Ready to be processed! 


Sharing data with contacts

TrackOnline CONNECT makes it possible to share transactions and documents with your contacts. You invite your contacts free by sending an email, after which they can create their own account. They will then receive all transactions and documents linked to their own account. It is therefore no longer necessary to actively send e-mails with transaction overviews or documents. These are then automatically shared in the TrackOnline CONNECT account. Read here how to invite your relations to TrackOnline CONNECT.



Current TrackOnline users use TrackOnline CONNECT to be transparent in the administration of their packaging. In addition, they give customers, carriers and business contacts the possibility of a platform with which they can view transactions, documents and balances at any chosen time, after which the customer can update its own administration. Besides, when these relations switch to a TrackOnline license, both parties will be thanked with a reward.


Accelerated work process

In TrackOnline CONNECT, the customers I have contact with can quickly check the transactions, documents and balances because the transactions are automatically shared in their own environment. This allows them to view and check transactions in real time. Now they are no longer dependent on an administrative employee who mails reports or documents. The work process is accelerated because they can immediately archive the documents.



The advantage of TrackOnline CONNECT, in my opinion, is that the contacts of our customers can view the mutual administration for free. This ensures that everyone is aware of the latest changes and view the same information. Because of this the contacts can quickly check the administration. If there are still errors in the transactions or returns, TrackOnline CONNECT has a chat function at transaction level. This function allows you to ask your contacts specific questions about the numbers of a specific transaction. As a result, both parties know exactly which shipment is involved and immediate action can be taken.


Referral program

In my opinion, connecting relationships is easy, saves time and connects the chain. But connecting the chain is also rewarded by us. The referral program is for everyone who has a paid TrackOnline license. If a connected contact switches to a paid TrackOnline license, you will earn half of this license!


Do you have any questions about setting up TrackOnline CONNECT? Would you also like your contacts to gain insight into their own and the mutual administration via TrackOnline CONNECT? Please feel free to contact me.