A succesful implementation project at Coloríginz

'What gives you energy' was a question during my job interview eight months ago. My answer was to thoroughly understand processes and to help bring about change within an organization. During implementations of TrackOnline, both aspects are addressed and in my blog I would like to share my thoughts on the successful implementation of our floricultural customer Coloríginz.


Introduction Coloríginz

Coloríginz is an exporter of flowers and ornamental foliage and is part of the Dutch Flower Group. The Danish containers on which flowers and ornamental foliage are transported are recognizable. Coloríginz struggled with questions like 'which cart is mine' and 'where are my carts'. Understanding cart flow, balance accumulation for locations, and proactively informing and reconciling balances were the issues Coloríginz sought help from Bexter for.


Project approach

For a TrackOnline consultant it is very useful if there is a contact person from within the organization who actively thinks along. Within Coloriginz this is Mike Bosse, business optimizer, who, for his graduation assignment, clarified the problems within the CC trolley registration. Together with Mike, we realized the implementation for Coloriginz. A clear project plan and escalation model give direction to a project. Objectives are achieved and if this is not likely to succeed, escalation can take place to the responsible person within the organization who can take the necessary actions.


Balance in cart registration process

In addition to providing insight into the CC cart flows, the various activities around the registration have been divided in the organization and placed under the responsible person. As a result, Coloríginz no longer has to deal with large stacks of CMRs or receipts that have to be processed by the administration, but instead has actively involved employees from various disciplines who together guarantee a correct digital cart registration. For example, purchasing provides insight into what logistics can expect by correctly stating the number of carts. And the logistics department processes the transactions with the correct signatures using the mobile app! The sales department supplies customers and is actively talking to the customers about cart return times. In this case, TrackOnline reduces the workload in the administrative department and eliminates Excel work in the various departments involved.


Job satisfaction!

For me, Coloríginz is the example where TrackOnline provides both a clear cart registration, a reduction of workload and a pleasant way of working. TrackOnline goes beyond the financial aspect of load carriers registration and contributes to more job satisfaction on the work floor! Working on improvement projects is what gives me energy and what I like to do within organizations! Do you also have a similar problem as Coloríginz? Send me an e-mail and together we'll look for a suitable solution!