Internet of things: how you can you use that within TrackOnline?

Internet of Things (IoT), it fits perfectly in the list of 'buzz words', such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and digitization. In this blog I would like to briefly take you through the reasons why IoT fits this list and which applications it has within the logistics/chain of an organization.


Added value within logistics

IoT stands for: Internet of Things, which is a broad umbrella term that needs extra explanation. Within this context we are talking about small devices, which periodically send a signal, from which you can trace location data (GPS), temperature and open/closed information (e.g. the door of a sea container).

For example, if you need to transport a refrigerated cargo, it can be valuable to receive a signal periodically whether the temperature is within the margins and whether the cargo arrives within the expected time of arrival.

In TrackOnline we have been able to show all this information for a while now in the form of dashboards and graphs, as shown in the image below.


Automation and IoT in TrackOnline

The above features are of course already a nice first step to track and monitor your valuable cargoes. However, this is not the only information you can access with IoT in TrackOnline. It is also possible to use a so-called geo-fence to draw your locations in the application. A geo-fence can be seen as a digital fence that you can use to recognize IoT devices.

This works as follows: within TrackOnline you have a customer location, for example, where you want to activate the geo-fence. You draw, as it were, a circle around the location where this customer is located. It is thus possible to draw a digital fence around this customer location, see the image below for illustration.

As you enter the circle with your IoT device, TrackOnline knows this and can perform various actions with it. An example of such an action is that the packaging of a transaction is transferred to the location with the geo-fence. This gives you an automatic balance movement.


Automatic transactions

TrackOnline works on the basis of transactions, in this context movements from A to B. If both A and B have a geo-fence and your IoT equipment is connected to TrackOnline, TrackOnline offers you the possibility to automatically create transactions. This is possible when both A and B have a geo-fence circle active. What happens then is that an IoT device moves from the circle of A (the sender) to the circle of B (the receiver). In combination with the packaging that is connected to the IoT device, this way you get automatic transactions in your system.


This gives you as a user the possibility to take a step back and analyze the data, because you do not have to register any transactions yourself. TrackOnline takes care of the transactions, all you have to do is manage them based on the data that comes in!