Let me introduce to you: software engineer Dylan

Dylan is back again! As of September 1st an old colleague is back at Bexter. Read here who Dylan is and what he is going to do.


“Hi, I'm Dylan and after a 'vacation' of more than 2 years I'm back at Bexter. I'm sure you're wondering what I did during that time? Meanwhile I haven't been sitting still, because during this time I switched to another company. But now I'm back at Bexter and I'm primarily going to take care of TrackOnline and the technical aspect of it. I will be working on both the front end and the back end.


In my spare time I am quite active nowadays. I practice water polo and besides that I can often be found in the swimming pool, I enjoy cycling and running. Apart from my active side, I often go to the cinema or spend my hobbies behind my computer".