Press release: Digital collaboration in the bakery industry

Press release 4 August 2020

With ever stricter requirements for food safety and sustainability, the bakery industry cannot avoid further automating and digitizing business processes. Bakkerij de Paauw is taking the next step towards digitization with TrackOnline to save time, make fewer mistakes and use its packaging even more sustainably.


Never again a shortage of bread crates

Bakkerij de Paauw, an innovative supplier of bread and pastries for supermarkets, will be using TrackOnline, a product of Bexter. With TrackOnline, the digital platform to register and manage packaging, Bakkerij de Paauw no longer loses the overview of bread crates and dolly's. ‘The registration of packaging is one of the last processes that still went through paper delivery notes and Excel sheets. It is important to know on a detailed level how many crates have been delivered somewhere and how many have come back in accordance with all customers, external transporters and other bakeries. With TrackOnline we have also digitized this process between bakery and customer,’ says Allard Vervoort, project manager at Bakkerij de Paauw.


Digitization and collaboration

TrackOnline completes the transition from digitizing the business processes of Bakkerij de Paauw: ‘Digitization enables us to realize affordable bread efficiently, qualitatively and taking into account all the strict requirements placed on food. Reliability, speed and the right information at the right time is crucial in this, ‘said Vervoort. So the digitization trend continues in the food industry.


With many options to use the packaging registration for the process and situation of Bakkerij de Paauw, the choice for TrackOnline was made quickly. TrackOnline fits into the overall picture of automation, says Vervoort: ‘An important distinction was the presence of an API so that we could link to our ERP.’ Toon de Jong, commercial director of Bexter responds to this: ‘We notice that this is often a major concern for our customers. Often they have a lot of information about customers and relations stored in their own software applications. This is something we have overcome and TrackOnline talks, as it were, to customers' software applications through an API. As Bexter, we are proud of the project at Bakkerij de Paauw. The rapid implementation of the TrackOnline platform is the example of digital data exchange in Retail.’


Transparency to customers and relations

Vervoort believes that an important activity is transparency towards customers and relations. With the TrackOnline CONNECT functionality, Bakkerij de Paauw can exchange data directly. ‘TrackOnline ensures a reliable balance that is clear to everyone and can be viewed and adjusted immediately,’ says Vervoort.


Digitizing the bakery chain and sharing data with customers and relations? Go to for more information and try TrackOnline for free for the first 30 days on computer and / or the app! Or contact Rob via or (015) 750 10 50.