New Year' resolutions: make sure your returnables are properly managed!

New Year's resolutions are often made. They are made to set goals for yourself and to start the new year strong. From eating healthier and losing weight to quitting smoking. Organizations don't set resolutions, they set goals. From increasing conversion in a year to increasing customer loyalty and growing staff numbers. With organizational goals in mind, we set five good intentions for 2021. Which ones will you stick to this year?


Work more sustainably

Get a green(er) image, by committing to the environment as an organization. More and more laws and regulations are making it mandatory to become sustainable. Moreover, sustainable entrepreneurship is gradually no longer a trend, but a must. Managing (reusable) packaging such as carts, plates and plastic pallets is a step in the right direction. The consumption of one-way packaging decreases, managing reusable packaging sustainably contributes to circularity and by keeping track of the packaging numbers in an online system, the chance of loss is reduced.


Improve collaboration with (customer) relations

When you arrange transactions of returnable transport items (RTI’s) with (customer) relations, it is not strange that discussions take place. Often these discussions are about the number of returnable transport items that are missing, who is responsible for the returnables or packaging receipts that are illegible or lost. Prevent these discussions by looking at the same packaging data with your (customer) relations. With real-time information you are both informed and the discussions disappear. It makes your work a lot more pleasant and improves cooperation!


Make less (packaging) costs

The cost of returnable transport items are high. You've probably been reminded of this recently, when you inspected the annual balances and thus the returnable transport items costs. Packaging losses involve costs, if not for rented packaging that you lose as new packaging that must be purchased.

With an online registration system, such as TrackOnline, you get a grip on the RTI flow and always know how much returnables are where. In this way there are no surprises at the end of the year, but you know exactly where you stand. What's more, you can see where improvements can be made, for example by driving fewer empty miles or by using the packaging more effectively.


Less time spent on administration

Illegible transaction receipts about RTI numbers or discussions with customers about missing items mean that you spend more time on packaging administration. Often more than you want. Not to mention when you lose packaging and want to find out where they are, you put even more time into it.

Time is something you don't get back, which is why you want to spend it as efficiently as possible and not on the above things. By always knowing where your returnable transport items are, you no longer have to search for the returnable transport items losses. With registering the packaging transactions online, you avoid the frustration of illegible handwriting, because it's all digital.


Ready to get started on your good intentions? As you can read, TrackOnline helps you to keep your good resolutions this year. Please contact us for free advice. If you'd rather get started 30 days free of charge, without any obligations, that's possible too. Then request a trial.