From a traditional office to an after-corona meeting place

At Bexter, we are busy preparing to return to the office when corona is a thing of the past. Of course, this will be a bit of a shot in the dark. We also realize that it is difficult to predict how and when we can go back to the office. That is why, as Bexter, we do not make any predictions about this. Because we also know: 'Assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups', as our tile wisdom tells us.


A different office after corona

What steps are we going to take to make the return after corona as smooth as possible? That is the question we have asked ourselves. By listening carefully to colleagues and investigating their needs, we can make a reasonable estimate of where we want to go. In order to investigate this further, we conducted a survey among colleagues. This showed that Bexter's office will no longer be used as a 'traditional office'. Instead, we are moving towards a 'clubhouse' principle. The goal here is to create a pleasant and inviting meeting place, where creativity and social connection are central. In order to achieve this goal we have started a project called 'office club house'. Office club house deals with changes of the office for after the corona era.

Nothing else than the majority of working Dutch people, Bexter's employees has shown that after the corona era we want and will work more from home than we did before. The question among colleagues about how they think about working from home after corona revealed that 95% of their colleagues want to work from home for 40% to 60% of their working hours. This is quite a shift compared to the 50% of colleagues who used to work from home 20% of the time.

Although these percentages make some people think that productivity is decreasing because of working from home, the opposite appears to be true. The velocity of our development team stood at 24.5 points in the 6 weeks before corona. The current velocity over the past 6 weeks, stands at 38 points! Of course, this is not exactly proof that more work is done at home, but it tends to!


From office to meeting place

In addition, travel activity has of course also decreased, which contributes to a better environment. Looking at this for the Netherlands as a whole, it will soon save 150,000 return flights between Amsterdam and Ney York!

The question remains: what will you do with the office as a company, when 95% of your colleagues indicate that they prefer to work from home 40% to 60% of the time? We want to support the motivation to let colleagues come to the office with a new meeting place. This lies in good facilities for consultation, brainstorming, collaboration and concentrated work. Colleagues should feel welcome and be able to relax. In addition, there should be room to socialize with other colleagues. After all, the best ideas often arise around the coffee machine!


In order to shape the transition from office to meeting place, we will first of all clear half of the current workplaces. This has the advantage that a lot of space will be freed up for other purposes, such as (creative) meeting places. The remaining workplaces will be used as flexplaces. This means that you will regularly sit next to another colleague, which will promote creativity and togetherness. We will transform the vacant spaces into consultation and brainstorming corners, to make working together easier. Of course we will make sure that all these different places will be made virus proof. We want to be prepared for possible future viruses and pandemics. Because even after corona we want to guarantee the health and safety of colleagues.

Leisure room

But in addition to working together, relaxation is of course also very important. That's why a true 'leisure room' will be set up and there will be a sitting area/game corner. Breaks and relaxation are very important to keep focus as well as productivity high. This is also one of the reasons that many people work according to the pomodoro technique.


Finally, of course, the eye also wants something. We will therefore, among other things, apply more green. For example, take a look at our green wall in the office here. In addition, we will thematize all meeting rooms. For those of you who have ever been to our office, know that we have named our meeting rooms after cities/regions. In order to emphasize this, these rooms will actually have the look and feel of the city/region in question. After all, the effect of an atmospheric design leads to better performance, higher productivity and stimulates the creative spirit.


All in all, every disadvantage has its advantage. Yes, we are all at home at the moment. Yes, it takes a while to get used to it. But once we have put the corona era behind us, office life will only get better than before. It will only make us more productive and creative! Of course you will see this reflected in the development of our software. TrackOnline will continue to be expanded after the corona era with different, creative functionalities, and even faster 😉. So when this corona era may come to an end, we are ready for it and the coffee is still there for you!