HB chooses for returnable packaging platform TrackOnline

Delft/Utrecht 25 February 2021 - Yesterday the contract was signed between HB, the specialist in handling Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) in the supply chain of the food industry, and Bexter for the digital platform TrackOnline. With this, the logistics service provider HB makes a definitive switch to TrackOnline. In order to minimize the costs for customers as well as the impact on the environment.


‘The cloud platform TrackOnline is an improvement on our current software package Avalanche,’ says Bas Thuijs, chief financial officer of HB. 


Fewer activities and more added value

Many years of good and professional collaboration between HB and Bexter resulted in the continuation of the collaboration and the switch to TrackOnline. Which means that the registration and management of the packaging results in even more efficiency and saves time, says Thuijs. 'TrackOnline is a smarter solution for the registration and management of packaging flows. With this, we want to minimize the activities that do not add value to our process and/or that of our customers,' Thuijs says. 


Always relevant information

The switch to TrackOnline was a strategic next step for HB. Thuijs explains: 'TrackOnline is the most used solution for reusable packaging registration within our industry. It will improve the collaboration in the chain with our customers and it simplifies the sharing of information.' Thuijs sees the advantages of TrackOnline: 'The more modern set-up of TrackOnline supports our information needs better than Avalanche. Our management is better provided with information gathered from various applications through smart links.'


Minimizing environmental impact

HB's purpose is to contribute to sustainability through smart solutions. 'Our focus is to use smart solutions, such as TrackOnline, for our customers to minimize the cost as well as the impact on the environment. We do this by managing reusable packaging flows for our customers instead of less sustainable forms such as cardboard. In addition, we can reduce the amount of transport kilometers and thus contribute to a sustainable business,' Thuijs says. Toon de Jong, commercial director of Bexter, adds: 'At Bexter we believe in delivering sustainable software. The fact that we can also provide this to our customers is an important step towards making a circular economy possible.


Want to know more about the switch to TrackOnline? Go to for more information! Or contact Toon de Jong at or +3115 750 10 50. If you would like to know more about HB's switching process, please contact Bas Thuijs at