Medical apparatus and instruments are expensive and demand continual maintenance and inventory. These processes cost a lot of time and are prone to mistakes. To counter these issues a solution has been developed that reduces labor costs, greatly reduces the chance of mistakes and continually gives realtime visibility in the location of all instruments and apparatus. Bringing real efficiency.

Why MediTracker?

Searching for and visual inspection and manual counting of instruments and apparatus account for a great deal of work in a hospital. As does the administration of  stock levels. It’s clear that advantages can be made by making these processes quicker, more reliable and more efficient.


With MediTracker these types of processes are automated, creating speed and especially reliability. Also excesses and shortages in supply belong to the past. Real-time visibility in stock levels, especially of user articles, gives extra assurance while being able to reducing stock levels. At the same time MediTracker prevents stock from exceeding the best before date.

In practice

Using MediTracker hospital management and employees can see who uses which medical device or user article and how often. Is there enough stock or will a device exceed its validation date? MediTracker makes sure medical devices are not misplaced or lost and that surgical instruments are not unwantedly left behind in a patient after an operation.

If problems arise with a certain surgical instrument, medical device or user article after an operation it is easy to determine which patients were treated with these items. The possibility that faulty instruments or devices enter the primary process is very small. Using MediTracker to improve processes reduces the chance of human error and reduces administrative burden.

MediTracker advantages summed up

  • Quality improvement through fault reduction
  • Improved security through clear and easy process
  • Reduced labor intensity improves efficiency
  • Savings through real time supply visibility and locating